Nové Můra - Our Bodies Produce These Things


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Nové Můra is a hermaphroditic scientist from a solar system in another galaxy, millions of light years away. Instead of a normal sun like we earthlings have, Nové Můra's solar system has a strange and mysterious power source at its center. Long ago, this power source began to fail, threatening the survival of Nové Můra's entire race and civilization. But just as Nové Můra's world was on the brink of extinction, in the nick of time, Nové (then a young and unknown scientist) invented an ingenious method to thwart the catastrophe. It worked! The world was saved from the brink of total destruction. This made Nové Můra rich and powerful beyond her/his wildest imaginings. Nové Můra then created a giant corporation which she/he named RotoPlasmX Industries producing all manner of products stemming from his discoveries and inventions in working on the solution for the calamity. New vehicles for space travel, new medical techniques, vaccines for weird and deadly alien diseases that have yet to plague humanity, household appliances, cybernetic beings, computerized toys, smart phones, video games, TV shows, movies, comic books, fashion lines, and many more beautiful things were produced by RotoPlasmX Industries. This made Nové Můra even more rich and powerful. Cults began to form around Nové Můra which, a hundred years later, became vast, intricate, and bizarre religions. For a 100,000 years, Nové Můra, with her/his cyborg lover/alter ego Zodke Helmott, basked in the golden age that she/he had created.

But then, after a 100,000 years of peace and harmony, things began to fall apart. Weird and appalling events began to occur throughout the system. Stories of demonic possession, disturbing poltergeist phenomenon, rumors of strange children born with deadly psychic and telekinetic powers, and reports of dangerous yet fantastically grotesque creatures unknown to science became increasingly more common. And so, just like when their solar system began to fail thousands of years before, Nové Můra's world was again faced with a terrible crisis. However, unlike the previous disaster, Nové Můra was unable to find a solution. All turned against Nové, blaming her/him saying that it was Nové Můra and RotoPlasmX Industries who had invented the ghosts, evil spirits, demons, weird children, and monsters that were tearing their world apart.

Nové Můra fled, escaped into our own world, becoming a pariah throughout the universe...


released September 14, 2011



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▲WI╪CHBØØK▲ Salem, Oregon

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